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Best Minecraft Servers :Top 100 Minecraft Servers


Top 5 best Minecraft servers, including private and dedicated servers, roleplaying, PvP, PvE/SMP, and more!

Everyone will tell you their Minecraft server is the best, but how do you sift through all the hundreds of server lists to find the one that’s truly amazing? We’ve done the hard work for you. This article offers 5 of the best Minecraft servers, including an example of all the major types of server you might be looking for—whether it’s a PvP combat server or a roleplaying world.
Several of these sites offer more than one sever with different gameplay modes. All are open to new players, not empty, and free!

Survival Multiplayer

SMP or survival multiplayer (also known as PvE) servers are the most common kind. Gameplay on these servers works just like regular single-player survival mode in Minecraft. You can craft, build, and trap mobs, with the added bonus of having people to chat and explore with.

Age of Mining claims to be one of the oldest multiplayer servers for Minecraft and has both SMP and PvP servers. It is a little difficult to join, but the server’s map is absolutely huge. Amazing architecture!

For more about survival servers and the biggest SMP server lists, visit our article on Minecraft survival servers (link).


PvP servers offer

Legendary Craft is a famous remote-hosted pro server with stated “no lag.” There is a PvP server as well as a standard SMP server, and even a creative server for the player who wants unlimited free building. At any given time you will find at least 1000 players online, and there are more than 10,000 total registered users.

Nox Imperialis is a PvP server that offers quests, money-making, and a leveling system. This is the server to join if you enjoy fighting and player-on-player crime. The server encourages griefing and fighting in “the wilderness.” However, you can join towns where you are protected from griefing and theft. Must complete an application and get “build rights” to use all features.

Private servers

In comparison to these massive public SMP servers, private servers usually offer a smaller base of players and a set amount of player slots (number of players who can be online at one time). Often there is also a whitelist (list of players pre-approved by the admin) to prevent griefing and keep the “small group” experience.

Im Deity is a smaller dedicated server with 120 player slots. The world has kingdoms with their own caste system and a functional economy where you can earn and trade “Dei” (the local currency), making this server more of a roleplaying server than an SMP. You must register on the site’s forum before you can log in.


Lord of the Craft is a (apparently) Lord of the Rings-style roleplaying server with a unique world and storyline. You must complete a whitelist application to join.


If you can’t find the server for you, check out these best Minecraft server lists. There are hundreds of new and old servers available, and you are sure to find something that’s just right for you!

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