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3DS with another week walk in Jap


Nintendo 3DS continues to dominate hardware sales in Japan over the past week.

More direct competitor was the PS3, but a big difference.

Thirdly, PSP returned to win perhaps VITA, "moved" from the sale of my little sister does this sweet, the game that took Mario Party 9 lideran table software.

Nest of tables per week.

Top software [PSP] My Little Sister can't be this cute notebook can't be continued [WII] Mario Party 9 [PSP] Persona 2: eternal punishment [3DS] Fire Emblem: Awakening [PSP] Brothers conflict: Passion Pink [3DS] Super Mario 3D land [3DS] Mario Kart 7 [3DS] Monster Hunter 3 g [PS3] Resident Evil: Raccoon City [3DS] Kid Icarus: uprising, Operation Top consoles Nintendo 3DS: 45.752 PlayStation 3PSP: PlayStation 10.652 12.026: White: 6.347 Wii: 5.956 PlayStation 2: Xbox 360: 1.166 825 Nintendo DSi LL: 683 Nintendo DSi: 425
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