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Super hostile maps download - for Minecraft 1.2.5


Minecraft cards mein friend, all cards Vechs nothing in common but different. There are also many questions were asked, so can the cards tha...

May 2012, Pada: 4:05 PM

PortalCraft map download - for Minecraft 1.2.5


By Mike-May 31, 2012Posted in: Minecraft maps my friend you like puzzles, if you puzzles, here as there are many challenging puzzles for you...

May 2012, Pada: 1:05 PM

Gerodoku believers texture pack download - for Minecraft 1.2.5


By Mike-May 31, 2012Posted in: Minecraft texture packs my friend, GeruDoku for Minecraft 1.2.5. There are new texture made additions were Ge...

May 2012, Pada: 10:05 AM

PreMaiderCraft texture pack download - Minecraft 1.2.6 and 1.2.5


. Developers continue to update PreMaiderCraft for Minecraft 1.2.6 and 1.2.5, the goal is only to its players to spoil. Keep in mind you nee...

May 2012, Pada: 8:20 PM

Olive Texutre Pack download - for Minecraft 1.2.5


Minecraft texture packs my friend, many things that are needed here. This mod is already added ways to not change, but always wanted to cre...

May 2012, Pada: 5:20 PM

Strip Pack texture pack download - for Minecraft 1.2.5


Minecraft texture packs my friend, if these so-called old / obsolete simply because it is not new. What can be said quickly, because soon. ...

May 2012, Pada: 2:20 PM

Kingdom of heaven adventure map download - for Minecraft 1.2.5


Minecraft maps really, really incredibly amazing, the grandeur and beauty, Kingdom of heaven adventure. This game can be played by one or t...

May 2012, Pada: 11:20 AM

Sales of the Xbox 360 in North America can be prevented


Other advanced by GamePolitics, Judge David Shaw Court decided in favor of Motorola forbidden recommend the sale of Xbox 360 consoles in i...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 PM

Diretor de shadows of the Damned com novo Map


Massimo Guarini, Shadows of the Damned, who eat or work with their new games, but emphasises that est "dans un état prot type" t...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 PM

Religious name n o s o allowed in Diablo III


If you wanted to use a religious name in your character in Diablo III, is likely to consider a different name. Destructoid discovered that...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 PM

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 dar uso ao DirectX 11


One of the improvements in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: 0 pm on it to its predecessor, is an improved game engine that will take advantage of...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 PM

3 million for Max Payne 3 units


Take Two was satisfied with the results obtained with Max Payne 3, from which they were sent 3 million units to stores around the world. &q...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 PM

New bundle PlayStation White is planned for Europe


Two new bundles of PlayStation Vita est passage to European River territory under Playfront. The site in addition to avan that first b...

May 2012, Pada: 11:07 AM

Sine Mora na PlayStation 3 e PlayStation White?


Uniqueness of Sine Mora on Xbox Live Arcade can be tempor ria, as j t other titles came to serve first and opened the possibility of a vers...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 AM

Microsoft has challenged the judgment of domains related to Xbox


Buy gift domains a way companies protect their brands, but what happens when someone m said in the company's own pr aquisi of certain ...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 AM

One piece: Unlimited Cruise SP 2 arriving July 27 European


Namco Bandai has announced that the second Cap title of one piece: Unlimited Cruise SP 2 for Nintendo 3DS comes to the old continent (j) 27...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 AM

Diablo 3 fastest PC game sale


Diablo 3 was the fastest PC-the game is sold in its first week, the date of the lan. The game has sold over 3.5 million copies in the first...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 AM

Deferred investment for July


Namco Bandai sent a press release to inform that investment now for m s scheduled July est. The previously announced date of launch lan was...

May 2012, Pada: 3:06 AM

From dust jog vel no Google Chrome


Strange t tulo Ubisoft Montpellier from dust can now be played via your Web browser, or more specifically via the Google Chrome. In the sam...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 AM

Jet Set Radio announced for PlayStation Vita


A good non-cia for holders of a Vita Playstation, Sega has just announced the release of Jet Set Radio lan for port til Sony. This versio...

May 2012, Pada: 12:06 AM

Kingdoms of Amalur: Pachter avalia Reckoning


What is the value of intangible Amalur? According to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, has assets worth about 20 million from d home. 38 S...

May 2012, Pada: 11:07 PM

Updates from PlayStation Store-may 23


On this sunny day and full of energy better (d) desire to go shopping, and there is nothing to give an appearance of digital archives for ...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 PM

Does Need for Speed: most seek apresentado na E3?


After the resurgence of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Electronic Arts can resurrect other series of games, i.e. the Need for Speed: Most Wan...

May 2012, Pada: 9:06 PM

PlayStation Network to preserve tomorrow


PlayStation Network on a per odo to maintain morning day may 24, and no later than 16: 00 s s 08: 00 the next day, if everything is runnin...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 PM

Bungie outside of E3


Last week revealed certain information on the contract which had given est Bungie Studios, creators of the s series, with Activision Halo,...

May 2012, Pada: 6:06 PM

Producers of the Witcher 2 with big announcement day may 30


CD Projekt RED Studio tests reveal only to have a conference with see 30 may, 17: 00 on the Mainland. Est dio deliver newly Witcher 2: As...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 PM

Announced edi collector Street Fighter 25th anniversary


Capcom has just announced details of the edi collectible plush version of the 25 year Jubilee's series Street Fighter. Be available f...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 PM

Kojima mostra novo projeto of zone of the Enders


S of the zone of the Enders series has a sequel on the way, judging by the images shown during an event by pr prio Hideo Kojima. The proj...

May 2012, Pada: 3:06 PM

Zen Studios Announces KickBeat for the PS White


Zen Studios has just announced a new game for the PlayStation. The new game of est KickBeat, inside dio of Nero's musical rhythm and g ...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 PM

Submitted final Wii development kits or


Some producers t m revealed that j. received the last Wii development kits, or the new Nintendo console that dom is going to replace the N...

May 2012, Pada: 12:06 PM

Miyamoto awarded in Spain


Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of games like lender of rio, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Zelda, Star Fox, declared today the winner of pr mi...

May 2012, Pada: 11:07 AM

May 2012, Pada: 9:15 AM

3DS with another week walk in Jap


Nintendo 3DS continues to dominate hardware sales in Japan over the past week. More direct competitor was the PS3, but a big difference. ...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 AM

Rayman arrives for week of 3DS VC


According to the website of Nintendo for the United Kingdom site, 3DS users have one jewel s rie Rayman to enjoy. Nearly two weeks after ...

May 2012, Pada: 9:06 AM

Gameplay the Lost Planet 3


Capcom Germany presented a video which shows some gameplay of the new and long awaited "Lost Planet 3. In the video we can see vario...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 AM

The hope of Lucas Arts game lan to announce at E3.


Lucas Arts prepares to present a new game during E3, lan I'm an expectation about being a new series of product or developing s j. Es...

May 2012, Pada: 6:06 AM

The journey best selling game on PSN 2012


The fant game est dio plastics, thatgamecompany, the journey has beaten records because it was on the PlayStation Store, lan ado as the ga...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 AM

Filme de shadow of the Colossus (j) com diretor?


According to the website Deadline.com, videogame shadow of Colossus SCE, count on a Director. The site States that Josh Trank, Director of ...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 AM

New Harry Potter will take advantage of Kinect


Warner Bros. anucniou than the next pr Harry Potter will take advantage of the characteristics of the character about Kinect (River of acc...

May 2012, Pada: 3:06 AM

Men in black 3 iOS j dispon vel


Gameloft est ask 27,3 MB device iOS and return d you absolutely gr TIS his men in black 3. To accompany the film's release in theater...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 AM

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD collection gets release date of lan


Capcom has just announced the date of Resident Evil: collection of HD Chronicles for the PlayStation 3 to be distributed from the PlayStati...

May 2012, Pada: 12:06 AM

Joy Ride Turbo j dispon vel


Today Wednesday, which means that the date News on Xbox Live Arcade which inevitably. This week, Microsoft has a special gift for all tho...

May 2012, Pada: 11:07 PM

Capcom wants to reduce development times in s. top ries


Capcom has revealed that aims to reduce development times in main titles t tr s/four years only two/two and a half years. This measure ai...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 PM

What v melting this weekend?


Once again the ai of est weekend and want to know what games you much exchange of the evening by the command (or similar rich autonomic). ...

May 2012, Pada: 9:06 PM

Adjustment of Ubisoft to E3


Ubisoft (j) revealed the adjustment of game which will lead to Los Angeles, June 5-7. The promises the company shows the es and trailers fo...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 PM

The secret world adiado novamente


The new MMO from Funcom, the est study the secret world, was scheduled to leave for the m s of June, but now returns to be postponed again....

May 2012, Pada: 6:06 PM

Namco to develop new Tekken for 3DS?


Namco Bandai est (j) to develop a new Tekken for Nintendo 3DS. At least, format, what revealing adjustment of Namco Bandai partners in th...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 PM

A banda sonora de Revelada Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD


Robomodo revealed a list of songs that make up the soundtrack to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, the new game from s rie for PlayStation Ne...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 PM

Aliens Colonial Marines to be special or Wii U


In official Nintendo magazines declares, Brian Burleson, junior multiplier producer s, described the Wii u as a "very, very powerful ...

May 2012, Pada: 3:06 PM

EST dio of the kingdoms of Amalur sinks, more


Last week was published that the est dio p is responsible for the kingdoms of Amalur would by financial difficulties and this ent situated...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 PM

Anarchy reigns again postponed


After the postponement to the year 2012 and after an announcement of the date of July 6 to lan, the much-anticipated new game est gave Japa...

May 2012, Pada: 12:06 PM

Darksiders 2 m at least 25 hours of service life


One of the aspects that Vigil Games wanted to stress early in Darksiders 2 being a much larger game than its predecessor, but did not have ...

May 2012, Pada: 11:07 AM

Carmack: 60 FPS n o be a default in pr: raises the


John Carmack, a veteran in the industry of video games and computer programmer ind by id Software, twisted nose when asked about pr on Twi...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 AM

Square: Activision "must be crazy" in release True Crime: Hong Kong


This week, Square Enix showed a little more of its expected Sleeping Dogs and in the words of Mike Fischer to Venturebeat, the game simply ...

May 2012, Pada: 9:06 AM

Six years waiting for Half Life 2: Episode 3


Wait for the f's half-life has been torture, that h six years awaiting the release of lan Half Life 2: Episode 3. If you've forgo...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 AM

Catching up to 200 times higher than Kinect


The world of video games improved entered into the stage of sensors, movements or sensory tools, who came to open up new horizons in the w...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 AM



Today we bring you a great reconstruction of Castlevania, the NES game with very simple graphics, yet very entertaining. The map does not r...

May 2012, Pada: 4:44 AM

For more information about The Cave


The dual fines up a bit more about The Cave's v u, the new adventure of Ron Gilbert, the creator of Monkey Iceland. Be a t Label distri...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 AM

Mass effect: Infiltrator comes to Android


After months of exclusive iOS, Mass Effect: Infiltrator est now available for Android system. All interested persons can go to Google and...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 AM

Results of the draw of may!


Already we have here the winners of the draw of the 16 day! Recently we announced the draw for an account of Minecraft and other awards tha...

May 2012, Pada: 12:33 AM

Metal Gear Solid HD collection na White


Konami has announced that after the day on which the goods are lan of Metal Gear Solid HD collection on European River territory, will take...

May 2012, Pada: 11:07 PM

You are Minecraft


Who not think that Minecraft is the best game in the world? If you think that it is the case, and you these grateful to Notch to create a g...

May 2012, Pada: 9:27 PM

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor was no Live demo


Anyone who wants to test the steel battalion: heavy armor can now do thanks to show what landed on Xbox Live. Heavy armor an exclusive Ki...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 PM

Rumor: Sony prepares-is to bet not cloud gaming


According to VG247, Sony ready to invest seriously in "cloud gaming" or play in the cloud if you prefer. More mentions that gia...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 PM

LucasArts with secret game for E3?


According to some rumors, as well as the traditional height of pr-E3, LucasArts has a new and secret games that must be revealed at the ev...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 PM



Do you think you know everything about Minecraft? Well, maybe that today carry you a surprise! In the video below you can know 120 trivia a...

May 2012, Pada: 4:55 PM

Spector had planned hist ria to 4 epic Mickey


Warren Spector, responsible for Epic Mickey, revealed in an interview that he had a history of four matches and ria innovates in gameplay ...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 PM

Fun version of Darksiders 2 for Wii U est seizures of


Jeremy Greine, Creative Director of Darksiders 2 explained that Nintendo put an esp of bite in all U Wii related est at E3. Yesterday we ...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 PM

Zombie Dismemberment Mod


Zombie Dismemberment Mod
¿Harto de los golpes por detrás de los zombies? ¿Quieres vengarte pero no sabes cómo? Pues con Zombie Dismemberment Mod puedes hacerlos pic...

May 2012, Pada: 12:52 PM

Take two with gia alinhavada a strategic pr: raises the


The arrival of the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 n o s n o aim to take two, Publisher of Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne, which seems to encou...

May 2012, Pada: 11:07 AM

Game Booster 3.0


These tired of the lag to ruin your SP games? You lack ram despite having a powerful computer? Today we bring you an effective solution to ...

May 2012, Pada: 9:08 AM

Konami will announce new game may 31


Konami has opened a new Web site to promote a new game which will announce on 31 May. Official Konami p gina on Facebook too, m j was upd...

May 2012, Pada: 9:07 AM

When the Vikings Attack announced for white and the PS3.


Traiser Studios announced when the Vikings attack on PS3 PS and white. The game is ado via PSN's lan and relate to g nero adventure pu...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 AM

Mass effect 3: Rebellion WINS official date


BioWare has announced that the package with conte rebellion for mass effect 3 extra will reach 30, Europe, a day after it is North America...

May 2012, Pada: 5:07 AM



AppId is over the quota ¿Donde están las minas?¿Y las mazmorras? ¡Quiero hacer un snowman y no encuentro nieve! Que angustioso puede volver...

May 2012, Pada: 4:14 AM

Ys origin win lan date release


XSEED announced today that Ys origin comes to PC via Steam on May 31 for € 15.99. This Ys origin takes place 700 years before the events ...

May 2012, Pada: 3:07 AM

Minecraft Snapshot 12w17a


AppId is over the quota Como viene siendo habitual, los de Mojang van publicando snapshots con sus avances en el juego. ¡Y esta semana hay ...

May 2012, Pada: 1:08 AM

Rumor: Enorme fuga das especifica es da PlayStation 4


PlayStation 4, a future proof console. Appeared on the Internet (thanks marownart) a document addressed to manufacturers of video games wh...

May 2012, Pada: 1:07 AM

Rumor: Das especifica��es da PlayStation 4 huge leak


PlayStation 4, a future proof console. Appeared on the Internet (thanks marownart) a document addressed to producers of video games in whi...

May 2012, Pada: 11:55 PM

Minecraft Snapshot 12w21a


We continue with advances Mojang team are preparing for the game. This week there are interesting developments! The first of them is the tra...

May 2012, Pada: 10:06 PM

Minecraft boat elevator


Not has who dreamed to have a lift in Minecraft to quickly reach the high mountains or deep mine? Today we bring you an effective solution ...

May 2012, Pada: 8:23 PM

Invasion Against


Do you ever fortresses, castles or lairs and I am interested to try it out? Have you crafteado armor and swords of diamonds to then not use...

May 2012, Pada: 3:27 PM

The Temple of Notch


Today we bring you a really curious map, the Temple of Notch. To unlock the doors of the temple and to the presence of the "creator&quo...

May 2012, Pada: 9:19 AM

Plants vs Zombies


Plants vs Zombies
Almost all know the game "Plants vs. Zombies". This famous is based on the strategy advocates the Tower, and you must kill the zo...

May 2012, Pada: 7:07 AM

Minecraft 360


Minecraft 360
Finally and as many expected, today has gone on sale Minecraft 360, an edition of the game for the Xbox 360 to the modest price of 1600 Mic...

May 2012, Pada: 2:23 AM

Hero game of Facebook, Facebook strategy game


HERO is a game of strategy and war Facebook a few days available. It is similar to other titles of Samurai dynasty, the game is divided into...

May 2012, Pada: 1:03 AM

Facebook game, Tetris friends


Friends of Tetris is a game that offers easy access to many of the Tetris game modes to play and share with other users online, including Ma...

May 2012, Pada: 12:48 AM

Megacity, Facebook game


Mega city is another "city building" Facebook developed and published by Vostu, where you can build your own metropolis with the h...

May 2012, Pada: 12:33 AM

GolMania, football for facebook game


GolMania is a football game available for Facebook, developed by Vostu, where you like to play against real players. Play against your frien...

May 2012, Pada: 12:18 AM

Top 10 facebook games-December 2011


With little over a game a month still gaining positions on the internet as well as visitors, let's add a game TOP 10 Facebook, Facebook...

May 2012, Pada: 12:03 AM

Uberstrike-Facebook game


UberStrike is the first shooter FPS game for facebook, is similar to other FPS like Unreal Tournament games and currently has 500,000 active...

May 2012, Pada: 11:48 PM

BOT for castleville


After much searching, found a fashion game on facebook, this bot is easy to use and help them raise level faster This bot is the new castlev...

May 2012, Pada: 11:33 PM

free games on the internet


The following is an extra bonus games, juegofacebook wanted to bring to pass a free games 02 good time: cooking games are games which help p...

May 2012, Pada: 11:18 PM

Castleville: Tips for fast forward


Castleville is the fastest growing game on facebook that has had over the last few weeks. Below we explain some tricks to increase rapidly t...

May 2012, Pada: 11:03 PM

Top 10 Facebook games of January 2012


We start the 2012 and we already have new design and new header for the web, now we need more content and many tricks that we ask for on a d...

May 2012, Pada: 10:48 PM

New games friv


If you're a fan of Friv games and you spend hours looking for a good site where you can find all sorts of games in juegofacebook we thou...

May 2012, Pada: 10:33 PM

World Downloader


Have you ever thought that you would like to move your home server? You have participated in a megaconstrucción and the admin takes to send...

May 2012, Pada: 10:33 PM

The best online games for Facebook in 10Puntos.com


Facebook is the most popular social network available online now! Millions of users around the world use this service to connect to your fam...

May 2012, Pada: 10:18 PM

Legion of juego Galaxy


Legion of Galaxy is a space strategy game in which you run a spaceship in his quest to dominate the Galaxy. Legion of Galaxy you discover an...

May 2012, Pada: 10:03 PM

Adding friends: Legion of Galaxy


If you wish to receive friends for assets on Facebook game: Galaxy Legion, leave a message on this post so other people can read it and join.

May 2012, Pada: 9:48 PM

Experiencia social sims


In Juegofacebook I would like to share an experience sent by a follower of the page about the game of facbook social: the sims. It seemed a...

May 2012, Pada: 9:33 PM

Online fun


You can find boring at home doing nothing, because with only your computer and internet connection you can find a lot of fun, there are an i...

May 2012, Pada: 9:18 PM

Download free online programs


To our fans that they spend hours looking for a good site to download avira free, programs to optimize your PC, free programs and much more,...

May 2012, Pada: 9:03 PM

Shooting games


There is no better way to feel like a Gunslinger and explore their creativity, these games are the most requested by women on the Internet a...

May 2012, Pada: 8:48 PM

Games for kids online


Insurance you have children in your home, whether it's children, brothers, primitos them that you want to provide a little fun, and whil...

May 2012, Pada: 8:33 PM

Motorcycle games online


I'm a fan of the games and I like it and thanks to my nephew filled these pages that I thought that all were great, he particularly enjo...

May 2012, Pada: 8:18 PM

Adventures with the Kratt, games games, kid vs kat


Today I bring as recommended for two games in particular what you like adventure games with the Kid vs Kat Kratt and games, for sure that yo...

May 2012, Pada: 8:03 PM

Words with friends to Facebook


Words with friends for been a revelation on Facebook, occupying the first position of the popularity of the month is January 2012. The creat...

May 2012, Pada: 7:48 PM

Angry brids that arrives to Facebook


One of the most downloaded applications in lass in Apple's App Store and Android Market finally arrives to Facebook, is the game Angry B...

May 2012, Pada: 7:33 PM



Today we bring you a pack of textures 64 x 64 ideal for lovers of rustic style and garish colors. It also has a touch of realism and is ins...

May 2012, Pada: 7:28 PM

Mario games: top games


Today I share the best mini games and as always wanting to give them the best tricks so they don't seem as many pages of good games, get...

May 2012, Pada: 7:18 PM

Juego Facebook: Legacy project


If you are one of the many lovers of different sagas of the excellent title Assassin s Creed ´ there is certainly that the legacy project Fa...

May 2012, Pada: 7:03 PM

Add friends: Ninja Saga


If you want to get neighbors and/or share with friends who are active in the Ninja Saga Facebook game through this page you can link you to...

May 2012, Pada: 3:11 PM

Minecraft Snapshot 12w19a


text is null Parameter name: text uniqueness minecraft

May 2012, Pada: 3:03 PM

Football Life para Facebook


Football Life is an interesting game for Facebook where you take the identity of a rookie football player. The objective of the game is to y...

May 2012, Pada: 2:56 PM

Classic games: Pacman


As a child I played any number of games, a variety in fact, but among my favorites always remains Pacman games, some see it as a head who ea...

May 2012, Pada: 2:41 PM

facebook ninja saga


Ninja Saga is a fighting game for Facebook, this game of role type is one of the more active on facebook and the players experience the thri...

May 2012, Pada: 2:26 PM

That are social networks?



May 2012, Pada: 2:11 PM

Social Park


It is a game of Facebook, in which you are the owner of a theme park, the objective of the game is to make your theme park is the best of al...

May 2012, Pada: 1:56 PM

Games Friv 2012


Continue sharing the best in mini games and giving tricks so that they do not look so many good games pages, on the following page: friv gam...

May 2012, Pada: 1:41 PM



It is a racing game that reaches Faceebook and a good competitor of Town Car by zupcatgames. At the races will be against the V8 Club which ...

May 2012, Pada: 1:26 PM

Age of titans Facebook


Age of Titans is the first true 3D MMORPG game for Facebook, similar to the of the engine unit, developed and published by IGG.com. Age of T...

May 2012, Pada: 1:11 PM

SmallWorlds Facebook


with good graphics, a fantastic people and an inexhaustible source of fun. Create your character and visit the city to create new friends in...

May 2012, Pada: 12:56 PM

Paradise Club


It is the new game in facebook where fun moves to an island, the objective of the game is to manage your own paradise. a wonderful place ene...

May 2012, Pada: 12:41 PM

Gmail improves your mail


Usually avoids making click on links in email on the web due to an application on the computer that has never used open and was interrupted....

May 2012, Pada: 12:26 PM

Listen to music online


Users enter a corporate website in search of specific information so the fact to transmit this information in clear, simple and quick way is...

May 2012, Pada: 12:11 PM

Bubble Witch Saga


It is a game of bubble motion produced by King.com, also responsible for the Bubble Saga saga. Join the witches of bubbles and their cats! i...

May 2012, Pada: 11:56 AM

Facebook messenger


Facebook introduced for Windows, announcing the debut of the test application - that allows users to Exchange Facebook messages without havi...

May 2012, Pada: 11:41 AM

New in Town - tips and tricks


New in Town is a game Facebook developed by Digital Chocolate whose objective is to manage a virtual life. Game facebook want to introduce a...

May 2012, Pada: 11:26 AM

Adventure park facebook


Adventure park is new unparque theme of the facebook game, the idea of the game is to manage theme unparque just opened its doors, your duty...

May 2012, Pada: 11:11 AM

Tips and tricks Adventure Park


Previously we had already talked about the game Adventure park at this link: Adventure park facebook, in this occasion want to share some ti...

May 2012, Pada: 10:56 AM
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