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Aliens Colonial Marines to be special or Wii U


In official Nintendo magazines declares, Brian Burleson, junior multiplier producer s, described the Wii u as a "very, very powerful machine m '." Burleson n wanted to go into details about the specific console, however, believes that the best version of the Aliens Colonial Marines game for the Wii u.

"[create version Wii U] has been very f cil." Wii u a m machines very, very powerful and can do many fun new things. "

"Now what is really interesting to discover all the fun things you can do with the command." You think fun is, dif cil porreiras them imagin.? "

On the other hand, the producer confirmed the version of Wii U foreigners "be better" than the s of the PS3 and Xbox 360 version in Visual terms. Due to the "modern technology".

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