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Anarchy reigns again postponed


After the postponement to the year 2012 and after an announcement of the date of July 6 to lan, the much-anticipated new game est gave Japan s Platinum Games, Queen anarchy, return to be delayed in Europe and United States, now without any new date.

In an official statement, gave it est commented that although the game is ready, not lan is in Avalon in cio July as scheduled.

He noted that anarchy reigns, receiving the name of Max anarchy in Jap, which I ated as it was planned, lan this July 5.

He gave est says that SEGA decided to change the date on which a gnito inc TBC (to be confirmed).

Although the game come from Jap, mentioned that the ready est is closed and ready to be well-designed lan.

SEGA continues the final decision on the lan.

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