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Capcom wants to reduce development times in s. top ries


Capcom has revealed that aims to reduce development times in main titles t tr s/four years only two/two and a half years.

This measure aims to maintain competitiveness and maximize revenue from their second major ries's Kenzo Tsujimoto, Capcom's CEO.

Tsujimoto declared that strategic gia can increase costs but will lead to higher long-term profits, "creating quality content will be white on Capcom's ability to survive in order to overcome an intense global competition."

M was also the important role of new intellectual properties since refor ado despite being delayed to settle down on the market, v-became sources of revenue in the future.

Tsujimoto also revealed that Capcom to hire new employees within the next 1000 pr 10 years to create new technologies and become the best provider of digital year 2022 "conte.

Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry and Dragons dogmas, as will the j on Friday, s o t a few of the major titles by Capcom in this fiscal year.

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