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Catching up to 200 times higher than Kinect


The world of video games improved entered into the stage of sensors, movements or sensory tools, who came to open up new horizons in the way we interact with our media and industry to new public p IND.

Comma or with Nintendo's Wii, but was swiftly followed by two other giants of ind, which made its industry, pr own verse es of these tools, Playstation from Sony with the move, and finally Microsoft with your Kinect.

In order to apply the criterion of this practice also nero tools n o g each of video games, pumping, the area's entertainment serving learning projects today and at v Rias continued studies of medicine. N o so surprising that additional investments in this type of domain controllers.

Recently, it was the leap movement, which made the Leap, a tiny sensory detectors similar to a pencil, and that promises to revolutionize the market by more accurately than 200 times, Kinect and allows interaction with gestures in a three-dimensional area 121% c, beaks, this clear, according to the proposal.

Video of device features (which you can see below) shows that activities that v RIAs with the leap could, including the Internet, navigating the tie with high precise use case as Google Earth, and of course all kinds of interaction that can imagine when comes to videogames.

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