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Diablo 3 fastest PC game sale


Diablo 3 was the fastest PC-the game is sold in its first week, the date of the lan.

The game has sold over 3.5 million copies in the first c es 12: 0 pm, and this number does not include the 1.2 million players who bought annual passes in World of Warcraft, which remember, adding to a c pia de Diablo 3 in the promo. Overall, this means that 4.7 million es has been involved in the game on the first day, not only making it the largest ever release of PC lan.

Now the ap's one week, approximately 6.3 million es est playing Diablo 3, not only to n o account for players in the Korean game rooms where, according to Blizzard, the game is currently the most popular t tulo (about 39% share of 22 May).

Blizzard's Mike Morhaime Chairman said he regretted the runaway success of the original game, but apologies for players with problems on servers that prevented thousands of people playing in the first few days.

"We are very satisfied with this initial connection of so many parts of the world, w, RIAs, and we regret that our prepares es n o would have been sufficient to ensure that everyone had a good experience from power soon. I would like to confirm our commitment to Diablo gamers known es 3 has a large experience in the game comes out, and thank you for your support. "

Morhaime said that "a new record in the air alcan lan launch a great success, but we are especially proud of the feedback we have received from players from all over the world for the game. We are very pleased to Diablo 3 has enormous expectations of the players reciprocated s, and we look forward to welcoming more people into the world of sanctuary in the future. "

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