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Diretor de shadows of the Damned com novo Map


Massimo Guarini, Shadows of the Damned, who eat or work with their new games, but emphasises that est "dans un ├ętat prot type" too early.

After completing his work on Shadows of the Damned, Giovanni Battista Guarini, a new est dio with the name Ovosonico, where est now develop this project.

Untitled and without platforms, this new game is even hard for a movie. In an e-mail to Joystiq, Giovanni Battista Guarini, showed that the game will "deal with unusual questions, which has yet to be realised in a market led by young people" and assures estimated that "there are many mad ideas, emo es forts, one original and one river cen no conventional story and gameplay."

Because the lifespan of the game, can expect an outstanding razo.

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