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Fun version of Darksiders 2 for Wii U est seizures of


Jeremy Greine, Creative Director of Darksiders 2 explained that Nintendo put an esp of bite in all U Wii related est at E3.

Yesterday we learned that Wii U t the powerful as Xbox 360 and PS3, but it seems that the members of Vigil Games est below an arms embargo so that n can reveal everything that is related to the Wii features gr you U.

Greine talked about Wii U as a console of pr: generates and that we need to keep our eyes open.

"If I had a bite, I'd love to talk about big fun es [da Wii U] who have not. But what can I say that this is a platform of pr: quantum and n should keep their eyes open. "

"Of course we will use the n command nico at its maximum potential. (m) "

"But talk about fun es spec you or other data for engineers, well, the Nintendo terrain. And I know the t m plans for E3.

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