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Game Booster 3.0


These tired of the lag to ruin your SP games? You lack ram despite having a powerful computer? Today we bring you an effective solution to all these problems with Game Booster. This completely free program will optimize the performance of your computer considerably, not only when juguéis Minecraft but when want to run any program that requires the full potential of your computer. Game Booster is a very simple operation, simply close temporary way all those programs and applications that are running constantly in the background and to which they are not going to get no useful purpose at that time. This mode will release a considerable portion of the RAM and will allow to maximize the processor. It must be said that it is a very effective solution for those users who until now have been using optimization as OptiFine mods but more and more they presented incompatibilities with other mods. Discuss the news in our forums here. Download the program here. Minecraft added to Game Booster

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Game Booster 3.0, Pada: 9:08 AM
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