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Microsoft has challenged the judgment of domains related to Xbox


Buy gift domains a way companies protect their brands, but what happens when someone m said in the company's own pr aquisi of certain gift domains?

a lie that Activision j ran into Modern Warfare 3, and the solution is by filling in a complaint before the National Arbitration Forum in a dispute for the gift of nine.

Microsoft is now in the same depends on Sun domains related to the Xbox, which was bought by a resident of China, also known as Cheng Juan.

Juan the m judgment domains xboxcompanion.com, xbox8 .org, xboxlivetv.com, xboxphone.com and xboxtablet.com. First est connected to a p gina go Dadddy and finally redirect site visitors to a p gina may be quite different. Remaining est sale.

Microsoft should win this contest, as happened in previous cases, j, which includes a domain that used to offer false for beta codes (c) Halo 4.

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