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Miyamoto awarded in Spain


Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of games like lender of rio, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Zelda, Star Fox, declared today the winner of pr mio Pr Prince of Ast RIAs. A pr-mio, which provides a financial docking station 50 thousand euros.

The prestigious j ri attributed pr million due to Miyamoto, citing designer japon's per-remove gamba its power by converting and creating video games in an environment which can attract people regardless of gender, age, and cultural and social status.

Pr-mio one among eight pr awards that affect different areas through the bases for Ast RIAs. A pr million for annual al m cash winner receives a sculpture created by artist Juan Mir catal.

Miyamoto said that he was "very thankful and raptly" to receive such promotional mio.

In a press release, also showed that "I will continue my commitment to video games that continue to provide fun and pleasure to all people, all over the world, generating"

Miyamoto j has created more than 100 games and is considered one of the most influential designers of the ind pros.

Between the previous winners of the same pr mio shows Google, National Geographic Society, and CNN.

Miyamoto was among 11 candidates, 21 1 pa is seen in the dispute by pr million this year.

Pr Awards s are presented in Oviedo, Northern Spain, capital directed by Ast, via a ceremony which formally transferred live to Poland to TV.

Miyamoto awarded in Spain, Pada: 11:07 AM
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