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New Harry Potter will take advantage of Kinect


Warner Bros. anucniou than the next pr Harry Potter will take advantage of the characteristics of the character about Kinect (River of access that connects wireless 360 and allows to play) and therefore, be an exclusive for the Microsoft console.

The eight games of Harry Potter movie-based game and allow players revivam to the great moments of the film, as well as the relevant characteristics and their avatars. Go even offer mini games and co-operative mode.

Development, the same shall Eurocom gave est GoldenEye by detr s of recent games. According to a press release by the Publisher, Avalon lan Kinnect move allow: "players can make an analysis of your face to make a witch or feticeiro" to create a character that pass through the adventures of the films.

With the League for the Kinect that the company intends to use the recognition of voice as fun, get music, lan air manoeuvres f feiti os through s of gestures in order to provide an "extraordinary experience and immersion of Harry Potter".

No date was announced to launch lan.


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