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Rumor: Das especifica��es da PlayStation 4 huge leak


PlayStation 4, a future proof console.

Appeared on the Internet (thanks marownart) a document addressed to producers of video games in which specifies the PlayStation 4 detail information.

This power is certainly one of the biggest buzz surrounding the supposed PlayStation 4, they reveal in detail the specific PR: game console by Sony.

We read the lan console of ada at the end of 2013 and depend on a number of cell processor s, 3.2 GHz 22 nm and GR card is based on the Nvidia GeForce GK104 X 2 (GTX 690) which was built in collaboration with Sony.

We read that the console of count of memory with 10 GB and 10 GB GDDR6, XDR2 and basic disks 350 GB, but that 250 and can switch to a higher capacity.

In the description of the console that Sony says it is far ahead of its competitors, with the intention of achieving a life of 10 years, calling the console of "Future", referring to be current for a long time.

Other information that puts the supposed PlayStation 4 as a full team of features m made the default and required m: for the games. The console may charge a 2160p of 2D and 3D 1080p resolution and stated that all the PlayStation 4 games should represent the 1080p 30 FPS and 2D or 3D.

Blu-ray disc remains the player to serve, but with BDXL support and all the above formats as DVD, CD.

The console is fully compatible with the previous titles t causes the PlayStation with a new command called the Dualshock 4.

It is this truth? What do you think? To n e s s the specific be made of makes the console a pre launch lan quite high. Some specified is seem to be too much for the future of a home console, so this not the cia as a huge rumor and little prov.

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