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Sales of the Xbox 360 in North America can be prevented


Other advanced by GamePolitics, Judge David Shaw Court decided in favor of Motorola forbidden recommend the sale of Xbox 360 consoles in its Slim 4 GB and 250 GB models in North America.

This prohibition is to prevent sales of game consoles in North America in the future and still requires Microsoft to pay Motorola 7% of the value of the sold inventory available vel River from North America.

Commission structure at the International Trade Commission v now review the judge's case and recommended es accepted President Barack Obama will have the opportunity to reconsider on a per odo of 60 days.

(J) in Germany Microsoft found itself faced with a similar decision, the judge ruled in favor of Motorola who welcomed the use of its technology in Microsoft consoles.

In North America, Microsoft tried to argue against the decision the celebrated that consumers would be limited, but the judge gave Shaw n o say that Sony and Nintendo were able to handle the demand.

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