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The secret world adiado novamente


The new MMO from Funcom, the est study the secret world, was scheduled to leave for the m s of June, but now returns to be postponed again.

The Casio announced today that it postponed est slightly the lan of The Secret World and is now scheduled to take place on July 3.

He stated that the postponement because players search but before market access of reservations is June 29.

At the launch the lan still exists more weekends to the beta, and the third est scheduled the weekend of 15 to 17 June and allows players to experience the first part of the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Temple and participate in the Dungeon "Raised hell".

The fourth and last weekend of the beta 22 24 June with an event that will focus on experience ™ pvp in the secret world. Players can try battlefield Eldorado and the war zones (warzones), where hundreds of players can battle in spades of battles.

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