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Spector had planned hist ria to 4 epic Mickey


Warren Spector, responsible for Epic Mickey, revealed in an interview that he had a history of four matches and ria innovates in gameplay tr's games.

"Before the first Epic Mickey had a story line to four games and rich had become at least tr's games. So the idea of the two cooperatives and m other music was something that I knew I wanted to do before j, came the first "air.

"Never do palloma because organize hist RIAs always better so that we live in a world of a game for some time. But I am very good at predicting mec nicas and innovates in gameplay.

Spector revealed that Disney gave the green light in a mere sequel based on pr-sales even before the first has been ado lan and commends the support provided by the company.

Despite the reaction of the press, n o t o enthusiastic Spector would, he claims that nobody see leaving the Club for this and that j has received most letters on the f's than any other game they did.

"what interests me. I prefer this word and Metacritic today. The press was clearly biased, but players n o. Players liked it. "

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