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Square: Activision "must be crazy" in release True Crime: Hong Kong


This week, Square Enix showed a little more of its expected Sleeping Dogs and in the words of Mike Fischer to Venturebeat, the game simply fant.

Square Enix goes further, saying that he felt "a diamond in the rough", referring to the hereto in the game True Crime: Hong Kong Activision, which was becoming Sleeping Dogs.

Mike Fischer says that any power because Activision cancelled True Crime: Hong Kong, which was in production in God est UF, but adds, "of course, the game was originally True Crime: Activision's Hong Kong." I cannot speak because they left the game. N or that will speculate on this topic. It is know that it must be crazy. Because this game simply fant "plastic."

On the inspiration of Sleeping Dogs, Fischer said that it has a little of the films The Departed and Infernal Affairs, much due to the cia infiltrated and nas on the loyalty of pol s. But also m annexed the game Batman: Arkham City, in particular to its open world.

Other games mentioned s to s series need for speed and Mass Effect, the latter for his Hist. ria.

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