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Updates from PlayStation Store-may 23


On this sunny day and full of energy better (d) desire to go shopping, and there is nothing to give an appearance of digital archives for the PlayStation.

Today we have good stuff to download, namely the arrival of the digital form of sorcery, an exclusive PlayStation 3, through outstanding to € 39.99, but only be able to download the 25 May.

Ghost Recon future soldier Signature Edition also m lands in store for the PlayStation 3, and must pay 69.99 €, but contains the conte of downloadable content, such as two arms, two skins for weapons, 48 shells for protection of cabe and even a unique map, Moscow suburbs ".

Last of the complete game, we have the dirt to pre Showdown, in which 59.99 includes Vip passes.

In the latter case, a lise of tomorrow.

In demos to PS3, Batman: Arkham City, Ridge Racer unlimited and sorcery.

In PS, you can expect White table top ideas of outstanding 1,99 € and demo A-men.

If they want to know more about the updates to PS Store weekly jump to the official PlayStation blog.

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