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Have you ever thought that you would like to move your home server? You have participated in a megaconstrucción and the admin takes to send the map? Want to see what is behind that door calling "No pass" into your neighbor's House? Well, now you can! With this fantastic mod that we bring you today, World Downloader, can download the map of a server in the way easier than ever.
It adds a button to the menu of the game interface by which we can start "recording" of the map, the map will be storing as we explore it until that demos ended the recording. This allows to focus the download in a single section of the map and so we do not need to download around the world. Apart from recording goes des level 0 to 255 in height with a radius of 160 blocks, also stores information such as the time and the climate as well as the inventory and experience.Discuss this news in our forums here. Download the mod here.
Starting the download of the map.

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