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You are Minecraft


Who not think that Minecraft is the best game in the world? If you think that it is the case, and you these grateful to Notch to create a game so addictive, can not participate in You are Minecraft, an initiative that has emerged to commemorate all that emerged around Minecraft: thousands of players, hundreds of servers, YouTube, wonderful buildings, canals and a long etcetera. The best way to do this is replicate your avatar to a scale huge with thousands of players, and send the map to Mojang. Hurry, the deadline of May 19! Don't miss this opportunity to translate your skin in a huge tribute. When finished the term will allow the download of the map, so you can save your creation. Discuss the news in our forums by clicking here. To access the project here.
A project of epic proportions!

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You are Minecraft, Pada: 9:27 PM
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