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Download map Puzzles – for Minecraft SawCraft 1.2.5


My friend, SawCraft Puzzle for Minecraft 1.2.5. If you love playing puzzle, you can solve puzzles that are here and will train you to survive. Are you going to do, if someone wants to kidnap you, but eventually can also kidnapped. There are huge barriers for you here, will guide you through the lava. I suggest, be careful not to fall off, if you do not want to die. You can survive here and to what extent your skills!


Download map Puzzles – for Minecraft SawCraft 1.2.5

How to install SawCraft Puzzle Map Download – for Minecraft 1.2.5

1. open the start menu
2. find "run"
3. there Type "% appdata%"
4. a folder pops up
5. roaming Files
6. then find the folder "minecraft"
7. Then "Save" folder
8. remove the map here
9. and rename it as "world1? (this will replace your world slot 1) or world2 per slot 2 (3.4, 5 ... etc)
10. Play

Dowload Map Puzzle – for Minecraft SawCraft 1.2.5 main features

-Dangerous traps of saw
-The puzzles within sega dungeons

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