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[MC 1.2.5] Pack de Texture HD Skyrim - Minecraft 1.2.5


 I've heard of Skyrim! Now you can take advantage of Minecraft 1.2.5!Go: Minecraft 1.2.5Is the best Texture Pack for Minecraft HD texture pack 1.2.5,is!

A place...


Outside of the prison (in the map of my adventure)

Always on the outside
A cave!

Altar on the merits.

Unfinished village
Notice: This HD texture pack requires the correction of HD texture pack before you can use it.
Hi guys, here are many other Skyrim HD Texture Pack!
I used LB Photo Realism and Misa I can do, but it still contains my own textures of Skyrim.
This Texturepack made to the design area, because I changed the textures of wool in the rocks, reasons etc...
Good luck with it.
How to install Skyrim HD Texture Pack
Download the Pack of Texture HD of SkyrimDownload the MCPatcherOpen .minecraft / texture pack folderSet the texture in .minecraft pack /texture packOpen the patch and select patchAllow it to run and finish and then close the    Done!More details Progress: completed 100%
Credit to:Planetminecraft BlueGamerzTM
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