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Kab Pack Texture Pack Download – Minecraft 1.2.5


KabPack Texture Pack Download – Minecraft 1.2.5. She always looks more attractive and color-warnaya become more beautiful. There are some additions that were added in the form, shaders and retexturing, and new blocks and other objects. Here, the block will have a little 'problems, but it does not matter because you can handle it. There are still a fun adventure with the way Minecraft old, just to stay in games and crafts!

Download KabPack Texture Pack –  Minecraft 1.2.5
To Install 

  •  Download MCPatcherHD.
  •  Download KabPack Texture Pack.
  •  Run the game normally.
  •  Find “mods and texturepack”.
  •  Find “texturepack” folder.
  •  Copy and paste the texturepack here without unzipping.
  •  Play.

 Main Features
- 16 × 16 pack
- Lots of awesome premades
- Lots of new items and blocks
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