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Legend of Zelda (NES) creating Map Download – for Minecraft 1.2.5


My friend, Legend of Zelda NES Creation for Minecraft 1.2.5! Here there is a beautiful River, is more beautiful than the existing rivers. Caves and dungeons are there, then you probably do not know, when Cave and the basement was already there. You do not take likely here, because there are tasks to be done here. You should be able to make this world more comfortable, so you need to create beautiful things and right bella bella, is not difficult. Come on guys, because this is very exciting!

Download the legend of Zelda (NES) — map creation Minecraft 1.2.5
How to install NES Legend of Zelda map creation – Download for Minecraft 1.2.5
1. Extract the map on your desktop
2. rename it as "world1? they will replace your world slot 1
3. go to "run" in the start menu
4. Type "% appdata%"
5. find the "roaming files"
6. Then folder. "minecraft"
7. Then "Save" folder
8. copy and paste here your map
9. Play
Legend of Zelda (NES) creating Map Download – for Minecraft 1.2.5 main features
-Its a map HD
-Caves and subterranean already there
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