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Map download Eldaria island – for Minecraft 1.2.5


My friend, Eldaria island for Minecraft 1.2.5! Here there will be a lot of things that you yourself would like to build a strong, building a House, looking for food resources and many others. This map isn't much of a plot as other maps, but I was pretty funny. Here you can see the volcano, one of the hottest scenes. There are also large forests and tree jungels, and there is the rainforest biomes!

Download the map of Eldaria island – for Minecraft 1.2.5
How to install Eldaria island map v 2.1 Download – for Minecraft 1.2.5
1. download maps.
2. rename it as world1, 2 and 3 (this sill replace 1, 2, 3 slots in minecraft saves).
3. go to "run" in the start menu.
4. Type "% appdata%".
5. find "roaming files".
6. then in the folder "minecraft".
7. Then "Save" folder.
8. copy and paste here your map.
9. Play.
Download the map v 2.1 Eldaria Island – the main characteristics of Minecraft 1.2.5
-Rainforest biomes
-Jungels and forest tree
-Volcano is also one of the hottest scenes
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