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[1.2.5] RC - Minecraft 1.2.5 Mod


RC for 1.2.5 - What is Minecraft - Mod this?The RC Mod 1.2.5 gives you the possibility to boats, aircraft and land vehicles of miniature boats. It is similar to any other vehicle mod, but the difference is that you cannot enter, so when you fly any distance, you're character is endangered. It's great to take a blow of eye around the perimeter island or identify the crowds around you. This mod is also many other islands on the ocean, the caves and the enemies of Scouting. When you first use this mod, you have the chance to design a training plan to get yourself used to control. Then you can switch to a faster version of the aircraft. The flight and movement animations are decent and creative. The RC car is quite fun to use for its own animation, the vehicle is automatically skip if it affects a higher block.
Screenshots of the ModHere are some screenshots with the mod:

Now for some videos.

This Mod videosHere is a video showing what the mod. (thanks to respective video to the video owner.)
You now know how to install the mod.
 Download this ModThe RC Mod (Version 2.1)(Minecraft_1.2.5):Direct download
Official Forum for the Mod position How to install this Mod Windows

Here are the steps to install this mod, you want:

1 Close Minecraft. This was to ensure that the files will replace correctly.
2 Open Windows Explorer.
3. In the navigation bar, type "% AppData %".
4 Navigate to the "roaming". (Skip this step if you do not see a roaming folder).
5 Open a folder called ".minecraft".
6 Open a folder named "bin".
7 Right click the file called "minecraft" or "minecraft.jar".
8 Select open with.
9 Open with WinRAR.
10 Open up mod. (make sure to extract the mod first.)
11. If there is no specific instructions included in the mod, it is safe to assume that you drag all of the files.
12 Be sure to remove META-INF. I did stress this enough.

That's all! Have fun!

MACNote: credit goes to the original author of this mod, which is "packing". ____________________
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