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[1.3 + 1.2.5] Fix for Minecraft 1.3 and 1.2.5 - Minecraft


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 [1.3 + 1.2.5] MCPatcher HD Fix for Minecraft 1.3 and 1.2.5 - Minecraft - DownloadPlaying Minecraft 1.3 is really fun, isn’t it? However, when play Minecraft 1.3 for a while you might get a bit bore. Then we go and find some cool skin to decorate our character. But, we’re human it’s never enough for us. Again, we go find some texture packs to install for Minecraft 1.3 to make our Minecraft 1.3 world look totally different from before. With MCPatcher HD 1.3, now you can switch between texture packs, between any sizes in the game.
C:\Users\Win7\Desktop\autoblog\data\uniqueness minecraft facebook game\mncrft\mcpatcher.jpgMCPatcher HD Fix Version 2.4.1_1 for Minecraft 1.3 ChangelogsMade compatible with Minecraft 1.3 in 2.4.1Changed a few codes Fixed CTM issues in the 2.4.1How to Install MCPatcher HD Fix 2.4.1 for Minecraft 1.2.5Download MCPatcher HD Fix for Minecraft 1.2.5Run the patcherCheck the options that listed in the white boxClick PatchRun MinecraftGo to Mods and Texture PacksThere should be nothing there because you didn’t put any texture packs in texturepacks folder in minecraft folder yetTry to put one, and re-open MinecraftEnjoy!

Download MCPatcher HD Fix for Minecraft 1.3 and 1.2.5 Now  
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