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[1.3.1] Mod XRay - Minecraft 1.3.1


1.3.1 Mod Xray was recently announced by CrazyB developers. This speed up your mining efforts and you get easy money on your favorite server.
Unlike x-ray Texture Pack, it does not work just show you exposed blocks, this mod you shows each block, you can mine. When I first tried the x rays, I was so irked by the futility of the texture, I had to try the mod. The results were much better.
Xray 1.3.1 allows the player to see directly through the "unnecessary" blocks and see the following:
LavaWaterCoalLapus LazuliRed PierreD'orIronObsidianFoam rollersDiamondsCrowdsIt also allows the user to view caves and wells (you must be above the ground for this function) and finally, a big: DMC2161. It is useful to mine your content of hearts on MineCraft without dozens of flares unnecessary blocks and display the good
Xray Mod for Minecraft 1.7.3Finally, this mod gives you a decisive advantage in the theme of anarchy and PVP servers. Not only you will find resources much more quickly and more efficiently, but you can also find hidden corridors, bases and farms from the crowd of other players, but also be able to see the other players and the pitfalls of a long way off the coast of.
A Word to the wise, however: this mod is not itself the server report as do most of the mods, but it is always visually detectable by other means. Most administrators on the minecraft servers are able to discover the mod visually. They can identify you not to dig holes directly to veins of diamond.
Installation on Windows for X Ray Mod Minecraft 1.3.1Go in the beginning, type appdata %Go to .minecraft > binUse 7zip or winrar to open minecraft.jarRemove the META-INF folderDrag all files ".class" contained in the minecraft.jar mod, replacement of the existing file.Download Modloader and repeat step thatClose minecraft.jarEnjoy the mod.Shortcut keys
X to switch the Vision x raysC to toggle the Night VisionV to toggle the view of Cave

Download the Mod XRay for Minecraft 1.3.1 now ____________________
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