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[1.3.1] Pokemobs. Minecraft 1.3.1


Pokemobs/Pokémon 1.2.3 - updated; Pokemobs/Pokémon 1.2.4 - updated; Pokemobs/Pokémon 1.2.5 - update and Pokemobs/Pokémon 1.3.1 - updatedwork : Minecraft 1.2.5, Minecraft 1.2.4, Minecraft 1.2.3 and Minecraft 1.3.1Pokemobs 1.3.1 - What is - this?Pokemobs is a mod that adds the original 151 Pokémon in Minecraft. Today, it is under heavy development, which means there are only a few Pokémon that have been completed and added to the Pokemobs mod. Through the many and frequent updates of release of Notch, the creator of the mod is updated the mod before it can continue its Pokémon more for her. However, once the mod is done, it will be well worth it! Now let's get in the characteristics of the mod.
Minecraft 1.2.3 – PokemobsCharacteristics of the Pokemobs Mod1.3.1Features of the current version of the Pokemobs Mod:
The Pokémon added in Pokemobs

MissignoBulbasaurIvysaurVenusaurCharmanderCharmeleonCharizardSquirtleButterfreeBlastoiseButterfreeMetapodButterfreeRoucoolPidgeottoPidgeotRatataRaticateZubatVulpixGrowlithePonytaFarfetchShellderFrighteningKoffingIt may be added in the Pokemobs mod! If you want to see if more Pokémon have been added in the Pokemobs mod, check out the official forum post Pokemobs. (Link below)
Items added to Pokemobs

Pokédex (essential for playing with the Pokemobs mod because you use this level and evolve your Pokémon)Pokeball (low catch rate)Large balloon (highest catch rate)Ultra Ball (high capture rate)Master Ball (will catch any Pokémon)Table of healing (heal your Pokémon)PC (your Pokémon captured if you have 6 Pokémon with you already of deposits)Apricorn tree (used to make the Pokeballs)For these items, craft recipes I suggest to do a check out of the position of the Pokemobs (link below) official forum
What you should know about Pokemobs

.Pokeballs do not give a 100% chance of catching a Pokemon, then you might want to stock place on these.Your Pokemon are weak at first, if you may need to hit your opponent Pokémon first before you.Wheat is the equivalent of a max in mod. Pokemobs potionPokemon die. They vanish, and you can run with a table of healing.You have only 6 Pokémon at the same time. The rest are stored in the PC.Team Rocket is here also! Defeat and you get a price.To send a Pokémon, hold "Control" and press 1-6, according to which Pokémon you want to use for the battle.Wild Pokémon in the gang on your Pokémon for a reason, so make sure you battle when there is only a couple around of.Some Pokémon spawn only when it is dark.  
How to install the Mod Pokemobs 1.3.11 close Minecraft. This was to ensure that the files will replace correctly. 
2 Open Windows Explorer.
3. In the navigation bar, type "% AppData %".
4 Go to "roaming". (Skip this step if you do not see a roaming folder).
5 Open a folder called ".minecraft".
6 Open a folder called "bin".
7 Right click the file called "minecraft" or "minecraft.jar".
8 Select open with.
9 Open with WinRAR.
Open 10 place mod. (be sure to remove the mod first.)
11. If there is no specific instructions included in the mod, it is safe to assume that you drag all of the files.
12 Be sure to remove META-INF. I did stress this enough.

That's all! Have fun!
  Pokemobs (1.2.3)(Minecraft_Version_1.2.3):Download Mediafire Pokemobs (1.2.4)(Minecraft_Version_1.2.4):no connection:) Pokemobs (1.2.5)(Minecraft_Version_1.2.5):MediaFire Download Pokemobs (1.3.1)(Minecraft_Version_1.3.1):Mediafire download old Versions

Click here to download PokeMobs.5 [1.1]
Click here to download PokeMobs pre.5 [1.0.0]
Click here to download PokeMobs v0.3.2
Click here to download PokeMobs v0.3.1
Click here to download PokeMobs v0.2
PokeMobs v0.1
PokeMobs v0.1.5 (fixed) 
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