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[1.3.1] Too many elements Mod - Minecraft 1.3.1


Minecraft 1.3.1 is here! And it was not long now until the most popular Mod is updated for Minecraft 1.3.1. Yes too much elements Mod. This is the Mod that you gives the possibility to obtain any right your pocket and put it in your inventory. The main update with Too Many Items this time will be with eggs that have been added in design mode. Spawn Mob is added I guess creative eggs which also allow you too many elements.
Quick Tip: to open or close too many elements Mod, simply open your menu by pressing "I" and then switch by pressing on the "o" key. ". This will hide the menu.

C:\Users\Win7\Desktop\autoblog\data\uniqueness minecraft facebook game\mncrft\TooManyItems_Mod.jpgHow to install elements too mod for Minecraft 1.3.1Download the elements too modType % appdata % in the start menuOpen .minecraft folderOpen the folder bin and then Minecraft.jarRemove the META-INF folderZip open too many elements Mod with WINRAR or 7ZIPDrag the files in Minecraft.jarRun Minecraft, start a new worldPress 'o' to open the window of too many elements ModPeople take advantage of Minecraft!

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