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BetterSound v 1.3.1 for Minecraft 1.3.1


Bored of hearing the same sounds in minecraft every day? bored of his "crack" of blocks or the sound of the flames burning? Then this mod is for you! as the title says (even) better Sound Mod was created following the taste of people who are bored old sounds in minecraft. It felt good to have the Mod BetterSound because it fundamentally changes the audio of the game to a new (so you won't get bored). The Mod BetterSound needs to the most recent version of the LWJGL however right now you will be able to apply this on normal windows (not mac).
People love all the changes that occur in minecraft, and of course the change audio is one of the things more rare the modders rarely make this mod is one of the most interesting mod you will find via the forums. The sound that BetterSound Mod apply to minecraft is better than the original one too, I guess its because its in the Mod of BetterSound is more realistic than the old audio of minecraft.
 It is not all that is evil in this accept the risk that this mod will jam your minecraft.jar and infact, you will need to download the game minecraft (which again may be resolved by the bin folder backup)
0.0.12B BetterSound Mod Version for Minecraft 1.3.1 ChangelogsAlpha v0.0.12bFixed client freeze problemFixed the echo of into nothingnessHow to install BetterSound Mod for Minecraft 1.3.1First of all you need to download the latest LWJGL that can be found "here"The next thing you need to do is to download the Mod BetterSound for Minecraft 1.3.1Patch your Minecraft with Optifine and industrial Craft 2 "Sound Fix" Jar PatchGo to your "bin" folder by going to "run" in your Start menu and type "% appdata%/.minecraft/bin"Open your "minecraft.jar" and extract all the files in the file BetterSound Mod.zip herePlease don't forget to delete the "META-INF" in your potFactDownload BetterSound Mod for Minecraft 1.3.1 now
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