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Dinky AutoComplete tool free download


Dynamic AutoComplete tool is a .net component that extend the Windows Forms TextBox control and ComboBox controls with AutoComplete feature.

Although the .net Framework provides rich Foundation for developers of Windows Forms applications, does not provide any built-in autocompletion support!

Dynamic tool of AutoComplete fills the gap by bringing autocompletion capabilities to Windows Forms applications. Users of Windows Forms applications can enjoy the same AutoComplete functionality they already know inside of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office applications, and the Windows Shell.

Here are some key features of "dynamic AutoComplete Tool":

· Easy integration

· Family of end-user experience

· Efficient runtime performance

· Dedicated support


· .Net framework 1.1 or a later version

· Visual Studio .net 2003

· Minimum 90 MHz CPU

· 96 MB RAM minimum

· 3 MB HDD space


· Does not contain source code

· Nag screen

What is new in this release: [read full changelog]

· Added full support for data binding in Windows Forms. Any valid WinForms data source can be used to provide AutoComplete strings, such as DataSet (typed and untyped), DataTable, DataView, Array, ArrayList or custom collections. This makes the ideal component for improving database-oriented applications.

· AutoComplete support for text columns of the DataGrid control.

· AutoComplete support for TreeView and ListView label editing.

· Full support for AutoComplete customizations at run time. Implements many advanced features, such as language-dependent AutoComplete for localized applications.

· The component has been rewritten and the designer was put into a separate assembly (LaMarvin.Windows.Forms.AutoComplete.Design.dll), further reducing the memory footprint and load time of component.

· The Enabled property extender was not always honored causing the AutoComplete feature to work even if it was disabled in the designer.

· TextBox with the Passwor ...

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