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Explosives, as well as mod download - for Minecraft 1.3.2


By Mike - August 27, 2012Posted in: Minecraft mod my friend, explosives plus for Minecraft 1.3.2! Here you can a lot of explosives, Nova bomb, hydrogen bomb, the boom-stick and the hell stick, stick of dynamite, TNT rain and many others. Many explosives have been added to explosives plus 1.3.2. You should not be surprised here, if you find any huge craters and buildings. If you like to use explosives, mod this perfect for you!


Free download of explosives plus MOD for Minecraft 1.3.2

Explosives and 1.3.2 mod installations for Minecraft 1.3.2

1. Download and install, Modloader, ModloaderMP and Minecraft forge.
2. Download and unzip explosives

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