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Free Download ComponentAce Barcode NET


The ComponentAce Barcode .net is designed to be a lightweight and flexible .net class library which will allow you to easily add quality barcode imaging and printing functionality to .net applications.

Here are some key features of "ComponentAce Barcode NET":

· Barcodes
· Automatic checksum calculation for all supported symbologies
· Optionally resize the barcode image to fit the specified size
· Can automatically resize the barcode according to specified XDimension (the width of the narrowest bar) and wide to narrow ratio properties
· Rotation support barcode
.Net technology ·
· 100% managed code, completely written in C #
· Error handling through exceptions .net
· Strong-named assemblies
· Design-time support
· Includes Windows Forms control to add the barcode imaging application Windows
· Includes a class that lets you draw images of barcodes on a graphics object in Console applications, Windows Forms or ASP.NET without creating a Windows Forms control
· It can be used in any .net language (c #, VB.NET, C++ managed)
· It can be used in Web applications, Console and Windows Forms
· IntelliSense Support
· Setup and deployment
· Automatic installation of Visual Studio Tools
· Single Mount for distribute
· Simple XCopy deployment


netframework 2.0, ·., 3.0 3.5


· Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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