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Kwik Grader is designed for teachers who want to keep track of their grades, graphic design seats and maintain a roll book using a computer. No matter how you split your school year or how to give votes and percentages of different categories (for example, tests and quizzes), you can use this program.

Kwik Grader can intermix numerical and letter grades. Can be used by any teacher, regardless of the subject matter taught, because the program lets you set and name their categories and its activities. The program includes seven different relations: failure alerts (alerts), progress reports, grade distribution reports, grade individual lists, individual report cards, class report cards and a missing assignment report.

Kwik Grader allows up to 10 categories, and up to 60 goals or activities at the end of each class or 240 unique activities for the school year, it is always likely to use much more than any teacher. You can add as many classes as you like.

Here are some key features of "Kwik Grader":

· Find Kwik Grader easier to use than other programs of the grade book. Print the tutorial which is included in the help file.

· Automatic management of files. You select the class that you want to work rather than enter the file names.

· Names and ID can be entered manually or using a scanner and OCR software. Scanning the list class provided by the Director of studies and use TextBridge OCR program to provide a list of names and identification numbers. Then save the list in a text file which can be read by Kwik Grader. It takes a few minutes per class.

· Random sorting of scores for publication based on the number of students.

· Print Preview

· Progress reports and prints non-attention (deficit) alerts to parents about a minute for each student with print preview. You can add your comments. The report includes a student's scores.

· Reports of progress and lack of notice may be sent to Microsoft Word for editing. From Microsoft Word, you can save the document in a variety of formats and then Email reports to parents.

· In addition to the above reports, Kwik Grader includes the following: class scores report, grade distribution reports, grade individual lists, individual report cards, class report cards and a missing assignment report. All with print preview!

· Includes a seating chart. Create a chart of seating in about 2 minutes with student names and ID numbers or use "automatic seats" to create a chart in a few seconds.

· It also includes a roll book program whose purpose is to print the names of students with a grid for entering scores. If you want to keep a book grade, no longer crossing out the names of the students fell and setting is no longer a recording rollbook degrees!

· Uses an average of category, or you can weight the individual activity. You can easily change the percentages or weights of activity at any time. If you wish, you can also switch methods at any time. Raw scores can be converted into percentages. Degrees of "Interim" are calculated automatically when you are using averaged "category" and percentages do not total 100.

· You can set your own categories for each thematic area.

· Easy to enter scores. Kwik Grader accepts both numeric and letter grade input, which can freely intermix if desired. A list shall be established in advance (number testing, quizzes etc., which can be changed at any time and re-used for other classes-a time saver!) so that you can quickly enter scores. It is not necessary to use each item in the task list. Kwik Grader takes two letter grade configurations: A F Plus and minuses or to F with no plus or minus.

· A 32-bit program, designed for Windows 95/98/NT. If your school wants the network program, please contact me. There is a network version available for Windows NT and a site license available.

· Program is configured for an academic year is divided into four quarters, or four quarters and two semesters. Kwik Grader also accepts a configuration of four quarter-final examination. Allowance is made for an exam of the semester, if you wish. If your district is using a different configuration, do not hesitate to contact me, and I may be able to make changes. For schools and universities: the program also accepts a two-semester configuration. You can also enter scores using a 4-point scale used in many colleges and universities.

· Print the graphics score quarter or semester.

· Score editing cells makes it easy to change the scores.

· Accepts a designation of "NA" as a score for absent students. This means that the score will not be averaged until the student makes the assignment.

· Registered users receive free upgrades.

· Many other features too numerous to be listed.


· Don't print all forms, reports or scores.

· Some forms are printed with the name "Demo Version" on it.

What is new in this release: [read full changelog]

· The whole program was scaled back to be compatible with a resolution of 800 X 600 in order to make it more suitable for those using Windows XP for example.

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