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Free Download Mouse Recorder Pro


An entry of recording and playback application that records your screen moves and play them.

Automating regular tasks and scripting for mouse movements and actions requires a dedicated application. This instrument is Mouse Recorder Pro, a software that has been specially designed to help you to record mouse activity and then play as many times as you wish, regardless of whether it is moving or clicks.

Mouse Recorder Pro is not at all difficult to use and the only thing you have to do is press the record button, and then start working with the mouse on the desktop. Once you decide to stop recording, press the F12 key and the program's interface opens out once again on the screen.

As expected, you can easily save the task you just repeatedly registered, upload files created in previous sessions, but also play it. When you examine the events collected by this utility, discard those that do not need simply by highlighting them and then pressing the ' delete event '.

The area of preferences only hosts a few options, such as changing sounds and others regarding the tray icon behavior or file Association with the proprietary format. MRS.

Something to be appreciated is the fact that during operation, Mouse Recorder Pro is very light on my computer, which means that you can easily try out older machines as well.

All in all, Mouse Recorder Pro is an excellent tool especially because it works so well, as we noted during our tests. Has enough features to help someone to create some mouse macro or simply record the activity of mouse and then review it.

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