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Free Download PYM multiplication table


Multiplication table is a handy utility designed to allow students to understand the times table.

The student can work on only the numbers that needs work. If it gets too difficult, the student should return to a lower level that completely understood and go over that again. Once it is mastered so the student can go forward from there. The goal is to make mathematics fun and interesting.

As the student continues to get correct answers to questions, the table grid times will begin to fill up more and more. This should build excitement and a sense of achievement and encourage the continued use of the program and increase your skill and understanding of the student.

What is new in this release: [read full changelog]

· You can now print your work or an empty grid to fill his hand. You can also change the font color and background color.

· It comes with an automatic update when a new version is released you can get the latest version

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