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Free download simple family tree


Simple family tree lets you create and/or view a family tree quickly and easily.

Show the ancestors and descendants of any person selected (reads and writes files in Gedcom format).

What is new in this release: [read full changelog]

· Modify Info button press individual to export button.

· Fixes obscure bugs in the routine list.

· Reads the date of birth/death from My Heritage GED.

· Fixes a bug very obscure.

· Adds the control and correction of bugs caused by an older version.

· Adds multiple Monitor feature (see the Edit menu).

· Bug fixes in the routine to remove pictures.

· Adds individual information printing functionality.

· Fixes foster parent and natural swap routine.

· Improves control of errors in Gedcom file.

· Bug fixes that might give a message "Try again".

· View the middle name (s) in boxes.

· The Menu changes slightly.

· Changes the size box when you select the different font (like small Fonts).

· Works with the individual numbers up to 4.294.967.295.

· It used to only work with numbers up to 2,147,483,647.

· Adds another bugcheck.

· Bug fixes that do not initialize individual flags when highlighting the new individual.

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