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How to get a SMP minecraft free server hosting


Play minecraft with friends and companions to the multiplayer server is awesome. You do not wish to have your own server SMP where all the rules are made by you. You can manage all the things in your SMP server. Choose who can come at your own private server.
Certainly, there are plenty of SMP servers where you can enjoy the game, but play minecraft server itself is simply amazing.

As you know, really expensive to buy your own server minecraft. But you also have some other options.

Option 1:
It can be done simply with your computer as a server. But the main thing is that you need a high-performance computers due to the load of a server may place on your computer.
If you want to configure your server for only 3 or 4 players, so you can handle this load from your home computer.
Here you can go for all technical guidelines to configure your free game servers.

Option 2:
If you want to enjoy the game with more friends and do not have a high-performance computers at home, there is another option available to you.
Treepuncher is a minecraft server hosting company that can provide you with that serve. They have a few slots available for free. but, these servers are not having a complete implementation of server software. So, there will be no crowds, no water, no reeds as well as some other niggling issues.

In addition to these, if you want to completely install server with high-performance hardware and no plugin limited, so you can go for minecraft paid hosting servers such as Fluctis hosting, etc.

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