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[MC 1.3] JunkJack Texture Pack - Minecraft 1.3


JunkJack 1.3 - What is Minecraft - Texture Pack this?The JunkJack Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3 is a pack of texture nifty modeled after the iOS of the same name game. Everything that is given an appearance almost cel-shading and seems very nice. The look clean and organized Pack is commendable and appeals to even the purists like me. I especially like the metamorphosis of glass textures, given an almost totally transparent appearance. Although not a standard definition texture pack, it is not putting pressure on the average system, including my machine (modest).
Although being a work in progress, the pack is almost almost complete, as shown by the provided screenshot. Overall, this texture pack stands out of the crowd and, with its gloss and own overlay, is certainly worth a download. If you are a fan of the clone of Minecraft on iOS, this pack is modeled after what, or simply want a nice change of scenery, JunkJack Texture Pack can do the job and very nicely. Check it out.
Now for some screenshots of the texture Pack.
This Texture Pack screenshotsHere is a screenshot of the texture Pack:
How to install the Texture PackThis texture pack is installed like any other texture pack. These installation instructions are as follows:

1. Download the Pack of Texture.
2. Do not extract texture pack!
3 Go to ".minecraft". It is possible to go to Windows Explorer and type "AppData %" (without the quotation marks), and then enter a folder called "roaming" (ignore this if you can't find it) and engage in ".minecraft" folder
4. Open the folder "texturepacks".
5 Drag texture pack (.zip archive) in this folder.
6 Open to Minecraft.
7 Go to "Texture Packs".
8. Click on the designated Texture Pack.
9 You now correctly installed the texture pack!

Download this Pack of Texture JunkJack - Minecraft 1.3 JunkJack (x 32) (Minecraft 1.3):Direct download
Official forums for this Texture Pack
 Note:Credit goes to the original author of this texture pack, which is "seanfletchr".
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