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Minecraft 1.3.1 - Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1


Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1 for Minecraft 1.3.1 - download Mod Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1 use # default: 102
NukeID = 102< —="" change="" this="" id="" to="" change="" the="" block="">
# Default: 120
NukeBlastRadius = 35< —="" change="" this="" id="" to="" change="" the="" blast="">
# Default: 200
NukeFuse = 80< —="" change="" this="" id="" to="" change="" the="" length="" of="" the="">
# Default: 2
ExplosionDamage = 2< —="" set="" to="" 0="" for="" no="" explosion="" damage="" from="" my="">
Scatterbomb ** new **
Description: Massive damage
Nuke TNT
Description: Only for the destruction of the card, do not spawn blocks.
It has been redesigned! Download to see what happens. Or see the video
Minor TNT
Description: Has a radius of breath a little more than TNT. 100% As blocks fall to oppose 30 %
Fire bomb
Description: An explosion even as a TNT but defines any fire.
Description: Creates a pool of small lava. Mass destruction by lava.Minecraft Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1 FeaturesScatterbomb nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1: creates a Massive creator in the groundFirebomb: defines the objects on fire.Napalm: Creates a pool of lava.Miner: Fall of 100% blocks destroyed.Nuke: Creates a great vacuum in the groundSo guys lets thank and credit must go to the Navistof makes this incredible Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1 we really appreciate your mod and I hope you can do an another popular mod in the future as Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1Facilities Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1 for Minecraft 1.3.1navigate to AppDataRoaming.mine C craftbin: Users (InsertComputerUsername)-(record) Minecraft.jar click right and select "Open with" choose your archive IE program: WinRAR, 7ZIPOnce the folder is open remove your META-INF FolderMove all.Class files and TNTMOD (Folder) to the minecraft.jar (folder) are the same process starting at step 4 for install ModLoaderMove mod_TNT.properties in AppDataRoaming.mine C:Users (InsertComputerUsername) craftmodsDownload Nuke TNT Mod 1.3.1 for Minecraft 1.3.1

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