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Top 5 list Minecraft server PVP


Best Minecraft Server: PVP

Here we are with top 5 minecraft PVP server. -PVP server is noted chiefly on survival and vanilla minecraft server. This can also be observed in this classic game server.
On Player vs. player servers require a person to be aware of the possible danger of getting killed by some other players, as well as your items plundered.
Minecraft server as this is the correct option for you if you like to hunt for other people and being kicked out your self.

World of Heroes • version 1.2.4

Address: mc. lost-servers.com
Version: version 1.2
Website: http://www.mineheroes.com/
Server country: United States of America
Other features: 1.2 supporting 2000 slots, PvE, PVP, region protection module, chest pain, Shop epic world, chest protection, daily backups, 24/7 online, Custom Plugins, dedicated servers, always updating, rewards and more.

Minecraft Server Hunger Games version 1.2.5

Game total that hunger has 40 game servers, along with newer games are starting regularly, as well as support 24/7.
Address: mc-hg.com
Version: version 1.2.5
Website: http://minecraftpvp.com/hunger-games
Country: United States of America

MinecraftCTF-capture the flag! Custom code! Version 1.2

Address: mcctf.com
Version: version 1.2
Website: http://minecraftctf.com/
Server country: United States of America

The version of MINECRAFT L33T 24/7 1.2, No pain, No Lag, capture the flag, city version 1.2.5 lots

Version 1.2.5 — more than 300 slot server PvP, PvE, protection from pain, epic World easy and simple Home protection, chest Store, lots of free city, Player vs Player surviving in the wild server, city, local community, friendly 24/7 online, Full Up-time, fully dedicated Server, capture the flag, excellent economy, Customized Plug-ins, treasure hunts, Admin, and creative access ottenibileNether and Worlds End, Mob as well as PVP arenas, the final server hosting you will require to join. Admins pleasant and useful.
Address: MC.THEL33T.COM
Server: version 1.2.5
Website: http://www.thel33t.com/
Country: United States of America

¦ ¦ ¦ ¦.::: SHADOWRAZE:::?¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Version 1.2.5

Address: mc.shadowraze.net
Version: version 1.2.5
Website: http://shadowraze.net/
Country: United States of America

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