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West Coast: Minecraft Server 1.1


Name: WestCoast 1.1
IP/Port: ip.westcoastminecraft.net
Website: www.westcoastminecraft.net
Type: showcase
Country: United States of America

Thanks for visiting the West Coast Minecraft, Minecraft server specific to provide almost all manufacturers have a desire to flourish; a safe location where exactly can easily produce large facilities and fantastic, and living conditions in their creativity. Right here on the West Coast we're already doing this Minecraft in January 2010 along with the slogan; "Mine it, merge, create it, Love it".

Guidelines of the server:

West Coast Minecraft offers a zero threshold seal plan on griefing and griefers will certainly find themselves banned.
Players who build protected city may have priority over non-secure the town, then those unprotected seats near construction types sure do so at their individual risk, as expansion through protected areas will certainly be preferred and the protected area will not be damaged. To avoid this problem, do 1 of 2 things. Contact and come up with documents using the city or build far from additional cities as well as each city offers space to build.

Many of us request that participating city possesses a general style to them to specify them as well as some other cities that are around.
As is most of the time, excitement and flourish.

We all appreciate the server that only West Coast Minecraft we created. We live really from here, the slogan

Mine it, melt, build it, I love it.

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