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Felix Baumgartner the supersonic space jump


Felix Baumgartner became the first man to break the world record jump from a height of more than 120 thousand feet or 36,576 meters.

The show was broadcast live on YouTube and watched more than 8 million viewers on Monday, the Austrian skydiver jumped from a helium balloon vacuum.
Felix Baumgartner the supersonic  space jump

Helium balloons that are stratospheric layer and equipped cabin vacuum allows Baumgartner reached a height of 120 feet for the new record.

But not only created a record height Baumgartner, 43-year-old diver was also the first man to jump to exceed the speed of sound. Baumgartner is expected to reach speeds of 690 miles per hour or 1110 miles per hour when it falls out of the stratosphere.

Remarkably clothes worn Baumgartner looks like the clothes worn astronauts while on a mission in outer space.

When a mission is, the communication with the control center Baumgartner also running normally without any significant problems.

Baumgartner made ​​desperate mission called Red Bull Stratos is intended to seek medical data as well as the advancement of the science of the time people are in extreme environments with extreme speed very well.
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