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Simple Minecraft Mod Tutorial


The simple Minecraft Mod tutoria. Alright this is how to add a mod to Minecraft, lets say for example Too many items Mod, lets see bellows:
1. Press Start At the left side bottom
2. Click on run and Search for %appdata%
3. You will find a file named .minecraft double click on it
4. When you double click it you will find another file named bin
5. Double click on it and find minecraft
6. Right click on minecraft in the bin! and open with winrar
7. Open Toomanyitems Winrar
8. Drag all of the items in winrar to minecraft which is open with winrar
9. Delete META.INF
10. Run Minecraft

For other mods go to youtube and search for it! but it is almost the same as this

if you want the complete minecraft tutorial you can search on this blog, i was write minecraft tutorial in long time a go. Or find it on youtube.
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