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Why 1John1:7-9?


As I sat in the worship service this past Lord's Day preparing myself to participate in the body and blood of my Savior (1 Corinthians 1...

August 2014, Pada: 12:37 PM

Participation in BLOOD: His way


Blood…the sight of it makes some people become light headed and feel as though they are going to faint. Diabetics like me, see our own blood...

August 2014, Pada: 12:34 PM

Breaking Bread According to the Book


Among some professed followers of Christ in the world of Christendom, the thought that believers must conform their way of thinking and/or t...

August 2014, Pada: 12:31 PM

"A Time of Self Examination" A Communion meditation By Stan Butler


In an upper room, the night before He would become the sacrifice for the sins of the world, Jesus kept the Passover with His trusted and fai...

August 2014, Pada: 12:29 PM
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